Saturday, May 5, 2012

Toilet Paper Tube Books

Recently I have given myself the goal of finding one creative activity on an educational website and trying it out. This week the project is another great found on I Can Teach My Child.  Toilet Paper Tube Books are easy to make and cute.  I am going to use mine mostly with my son, teaching him colors.

Learning colors with toilet paper tube books!

What you need:
5 or more toilet paper tubes (clean of all paper)- Paper towel tubes can also be used
Construction paper/scrap-booking paper
Tabbed dividers 

Lay the tubes under something heavy for about 24 hours.  Cut paper to fit for covering the tubes. Cut tabs to fit.

I found  pictures to match my colors since I used coordinating construction paper to teach colors.  I also used a ring to hold mine together instead of ribbon.  Using just the ring, the tube book can be hung up easier.  I will probably add more pictures and details to this one. 

Added colorful pictures to help in the learning process.
Go, Teach and Learn! And always have FUN!

For more instructions and pictures check out the I Can Teach My Child @

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