The Counting gobbler...

I recently saw an activity on a website for Halloween that used construction paper pumpkins and seeds to create a puzzle that you place together.  One half had seeds and and its matching part had numbers. The activity was very creative and could be used with 4 year+ for counting and matching numbers.  
The great thing about the activity is that you could use it with anything, Christmas trees and lights/or balls, Apples and seeds, all sorts of things.  
Working with my son on counting, I decided to use a little bit different approach since we are just counting. (He is only 20 months).
Since the month of October is just at it's end, I decided to do something for Thanksgiving.    Using his hand I make a turkey.  Since we didn't have any real feathers on hand, I used more construction paper to cut out feathers of various colors (that we could also use to talk about colors).  I let him glue the feathers onto his turkey and then wrote the number 1-5 on each feather.

Overall the activity was fun, creative and simple.  It took very little time to cut out the pieces.  For my son's age it also helps with fine motor skills as well as teaches colors and counting.

The Counting Gobbler

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