Nemo's Fishing For Numbers

This is very simple and fun game to make. 

My son all deck out in his "Pappy's cap and tent , fishing for numbers.


What you need:

*Small Paper Clips- I like the colored one, just seem more fun for this project
*Construction paper
*Hole punch 
* Small rod for the pole- I also used a fishing pole from one of my son's bath toys that had a magnet on the end.
Just a few of the needed supplies

Cut out the number of fish you will need for your game- We have been working on learning 11-15 so I cut out 15.  Use the marker to write your numbers on each fish. 

Adding numbers and then the clips

 Punch a hole for a mouth and insert paper clip.

Now you are ready to play.

You can create your own game or follow the instructions below on a game that will teach sharing and turn taking.

I first was letting my son try to get all the fish, so we changed it up a bit and started taking turns.
Each person takes a turn at "catching a fish".  With just my son and I playing I made him tell me the numbers when he caught one and the number of mine.  With a group of children you could let each child tell you the number.  If its wrong, say, "Good try" and have them throw the fish back.


For older students use this game to learning adding, subtracting etc.   You could even write the problems on them and let them give you the answer.  Or give the child the problem and let them "catch" the answer!

  Make sure to encourage your child or students with positive words always.

 Go, Teach and Learn! And always have FUN!

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