Treasure Hunt

This activity is super fun, cheap and hands on- My favorite kind of activity!!

What you need:
* Packing peanuts
* Large container or box (I used a small wheel barrow )
* Several small toys and objects

Step one:
Select several items
My items I selected.  I choose some small items that was a little more difficult to find.

Step 2:
Design you a key- Not the easiest part if you are not the most talented artist. I am not but I did ok.

Step 3:
Place packing peanuts in container, tape the key to the container and hide the objects in the packing peanuts.
Place the object farther down inside so they can't be seen.

Now it is time to play!!

One special way this could be used is for speech.  Have student find object with certain letter sounds or blends.  Students would have to say what each item is.

Go Play, Learn and Always Have Fun!!!

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