Sensory Time

My near 16 month old is into everything.  So I want to fill his need in touch.  He opens and shuts my cabinet doors.  He pours my salt out.  He mashes his peas, plays in sand and loves to swim.  The other day I decided to try something that would help him with colors, sorting and give him some sensory time.

Here is what we used:  Half box of Macaroni any size or style will work. Food coloring of at least 4 colors and clear plastic cups of any type, style or brand. Plastic sandwich bags for dying.
Ready to dry.

Drying...The fun is soon to follow.
What you do: Split macaroni into four bags, add a drop or two of coloring -Shake until you reach desired color.  Let dry.  

Sorted and dried- Now let the real fun begin!
Now you can play with them.  Your child will have fun sorting them, or just dropping them in and taking them out of the cup. Just watch your child with the macaroni since the might try putting them in their mouth.  These will keep for a long time.
Sorting and playing can be hours of fun!!! 
*Warning: Small parts can be a chocking hazard.  Please watch children.

Bath Time Paint Fun

I had posted this on Pinterest several months back that I so wanted to do this with my son.  
My biggest fear was that it would stain the tub.  (The bottom of our tub has a ruff surface.

What you need:
Baby shampoo-2tbs
Cornstarch-1tbs spoon
Food Coloring-2-3 drops

All the things you will need.
Be fore we added the color.
After we added color.
The amount above make enough for one color.  I do suggest using the food color sparingly, because it will stain hands.  I am pleased to say that it does not stain the tub.

Mix ingredients and paint!
My son really enjoyed the activity.  He could have played all day.  After he was finished the bubbles from the paint cleaned him right up and washed easily out of my tub.  Its messy for a while but incredibly easy to clean up!

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  1. The colored macaroni is such a great idea for sensory!! :) I will definitely be doing that in the future!