Learning Toys

On this page you will description of various learning toys, pros and cons of each.

We purchased the scribble and write last summer for our 2 1/2 year old.  It is affectionately called "letter buttons" in our house.  At the time our son was just beginning to learn to trace and we felt this would be a good purchase. I believe we paid about 20$ for it at Wal-Mart.
Eight months later and I love it even more than I did when I bought it!!! Why?  Well, I am glad you ask.  

1. This little guy is easy to hold.  It has the perfect grips for small hands. It is small enough to slide down in any bag to take along where ever you go.
2.  The pen is attached.  It writes on a doodle pad like screen with the slider to clear at the bottom.  None is easy to break or pull off.
3.  It stores the pen on the back side out of the way and fits tightly.

4. The letters are not to big and not small.  
5. It has several options: Tracing upper or lower case, tracing various lines, and guessing the letter game plus the off switch.  All the selections are easily selected by the child.

6. The volume is great, and it can be adjusted.  Each letter is spoken clearly as well as the sound for the letter is given.
7.  My son loves it and it has improved his desire and ability to write.  We take in the car with us and use it during our school time.  

The only down fall to this is the version I purchased does not contain the number and a newer version does! Definitely worth buying.

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