Saturday, April 28, 2012


What you need:
Paper Plates
Sturdy Construction Paper

I found this neat looking idea on another webpage and tailored it to my own specific needs. Sliders are easy to make, cost efficient and very useful.   I think they could be tailored to various subjects including math such as times tables or addition/subtraction problems.  There are many ways to change them to fit your needs.  The website I got the idea from used them to teach words with ending sounds such as ip, op, at, ig and  an.  I have been working with a student on blends so I chose two ending sounds  (an & at) that I could use some good blends with to create words we often see and use.  
The sturdier the plate the better.  Remember that you and your students or child will be handling these a lot.  Also, one thing I plan on doing is laminating the strips that go down the center to make them sturdier.
I plan on playing around with the makings of the sliders.  Perhaps giving the student more part in it such as painting the plates.  You could even allow each child create his or her own set.  Keeping in mind you as the teacher or parent may want to do the writing.

How to make the sliders:
Take each plate and cut two slots about 1 and 1/2 inch long.  Cut a strip of construction paper to fit through the slot.  Yep it is that simple!  
 Go, Teach and Learn! And always have FUN!

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