Letter activities

The first activities involving our wonderful alphabet is for the letter L:

Today we worked with the letter L.  So what is the best thing about this time of the year?  Leaves which begin with the letter L.  So we made a letter composed of leaves.

What you need:
Leaves (various sizes)
construction paper

Have students glue the leaves to the letter.  For more fun have a field trip outside and have students pick their own leaves.
The finished product with leaves glued to the letter.
 Go, Teach and Learn! And always have FUN!

Activity from Scholastic. 

The Letter M Activity:

 I should be proud that my son who isn't even two knows all of his letters by sight. However, two letters M & N he refuses to say.  So we have been working on different words that start with the two letters.  Today we made mountains out of M.  Pretty simple, the main idea was to talk about various words that started with the letter.  I let him color inside the mountain and then we drew and colored clouds.   This activity also let us talk about things outdoors and weather.  We went outside to look at the real mountains and clouds.

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