Math Crafts

Counting Hearts Wreath: 

A very cute valentines day activity.

What you need:

Construction Paper
Plain stiff foam plate

Cut the center out of the plate.

  Cut your construction paper in to hearts small enough that 10 will fit around.
If you child is old enough let them help with cutting.
Let your child or students place one finger print for each number. You or the child can then glue on the hearts to the circle. Now you you have a wreath.  

Use the wreath to count and familiarize your child or student with numbers 1-10 or you may go higher depending on the need of your child.  Now  GO, learn and always have fun!!!!

More Math Activities

Ok, so two things I must admit:  First, I stole this idea from a site shared by  Scholastic Teachers.  Secondly, I am not a big fan of math.  However, because of the second admission, I am always looking for ways to improve my skills in teaching math to my students.  This activity really spoke to me.

Card Board Wrist Watches:  
The site from which this craft was gathered from made their wrist watches from toilet paper or paper towel rolls.  This would be great for younger kids.  But due to some problems that you might have of getting such small rings around the arms of some older children, I have changed and added a few things.  Instead of using card board rolls, I have used construction paper.  Also to make the craft more "crafty" I used decoritive scissors.  

Things you need:
All the supplies :)

*Construction paper of various colors cut into strips about 1 1/2- 2 inches in width.  (You can cut the length later to fit over the child's arm.)  Also you can choose to cut the strips with the decorative scissors now or allow your students to choose and cut depending on the age.  
*Stick Glue or Tape
*Marker (sharpie works great) or crayons.
Wrist watches- The one on the right- decorative scissors were also used to make the face.  Add your own style and just have fun with the craft!

What to do:

Make a bracelet from the construction paper.  Make small round clock faces to fit.  Pre-cut or have students cut their own strips.  Add number to the clock faces with a sharpie, marker or other writing utensil.  Have student make several and call out the time  for the to write on each.  A great pre-test skill, or game!

It's 3:00!  Time to go, learn and always have fun!!!!

Original craft can be found at :

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