Friday, March 30, 2012

Sight Word Hopscotch

As stated before, I am trying to figure new creative ways to teach children sight words.  On Thursday I tried a quick spur of the moment idea.  I called it Hopscotch Words.  Any words could be used in this game.  I took the 6 hardest words and placed them in hopscotch squares.  As the student made his way across the board, he had to say each word.  
What I really loved about this game:
For younger students, it allows them to get up and move.  The words were seen and repeated several times.  It could be played in small groups of 2-5 students.
Another way to play the game for spelling:
Use letters on each square for individual words.  This could get lengthy. So it would be best used during tutoring sessions or other one on one sessions.
 Go, Teach and Learn! And always have FUN!

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