Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sight Words

Textured Sight Words

I have been working with lower grade student with reading difficulties.  Sight words are the words that students will see more frequently though out their lifetime.  Sight words are words most of us just learn by sight. These words often do not follow language rules.  Some can be sounded out but most are just SIGHTED. 
I have been trying new ways to teach students sight words.  I enjoy crafty projects.  So combining both I experiment today.
Using colored pipe cleaners, glue and sturdy paper I had students to create sight words that they were having trouble with.   Play dough can also be used.
For small fingers, bending the wire to the correct shape was a little difficult, but not impossible.
One of my favorite parts about the project is that the students can feel the words as they read them.  Using brightly colored wires also allows each letter to stand out clearly.
The play dough worked really well but was not as clearly seen as the pipe cleaner is.  However, I was using a darker colored dough.  A bright color on a dark surface would be much better.
It was a great exercise which the students seem to enjoy.

Sight words made from play dough was a winner with the students.

 Go, Teach and Learn! And always have FUN! 

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